A classic dialogue on trends

A dialogue on trends

Warren 21:39:24
Have you been busy lately?
Bill 21:39:44
Oh, yes.
Warren 21:40:02:
Research quotes?
Bill 21:40:24
Of course
Warren 21:40:39
What’s your experience?
Bill 21:40:57
Yes, it is to homeopathy. 
Warren 21:41:20
How do you understand the trend?
I was also distressed for a long time.
Bill 21:41:40
The trend is simple, don’t think complicated
Warren 21:42:05
There are trends and small trends.
Bill 21:42:09
Warren 21:42:21
How do you understand their relationship?
Bill 21:42:21
It’s the trend of small trends,
Bill 21:42:37
The key is the relationship between the trends
Warren 21:43:03
What diagram do you see to determine the trend?
Bill 21:43:57
Many methods can be, first of all, understand that the trend is divided into early, medium and late!
Warren 21:44:28
I haven’t understood that.
Bill 21:44:40
The safest approach is to find the middle of the big trend, with the early entry of small trends
Bill 21:45:33
This is understanding, you can also simply look
Warren 21:45:50
Yes, yes.
Bill 21:45:59
For example MACD, 0 axis above is a bull, the following is a short
Bill 21:46:52
But the 0-axis has a golden fork and a dead fork, and a golden fork and a dead fork below the 0 axis.
Bill 21:47:39
The golden Fork above 0 axes represents the bulls in the Bulls, which is the small trend in the same direction.
Bill 21:48:19
A dead fork above 0 axes represents a callback of a long, or a late or early stage of a bull.
Warren 21:48:30
I feel the same way.
Bill 21:48:34
That’s right
Bill 21:48:46
You just have to find the best market to do.
Warren 21:48:54
What’s your disadvantage with MACD?
Bill 21:49:24:c
The disadvantage is that in the vicinity of the 0 axis, the oscillation is difficult to deal with
Bill 21:49:40
But you can do without oscillation.
Warren 21:49:57
Oh, yes.
Bill 21:50:25
For example, you can get an EMA.
Bill 21:50:41
The K-line is long above the EMA.
Bill 21:51:02 ‘
You do not short above the K-line, you do not have to do
Bill 21:51:34
This will lose a lot of market, but the accuracy and security is much stronger, to learn to give up
Bill 21:51:520
Lost is the early quotes that are adjusted and reversed
Warren 21:52:00
How do you get rid of the bad signal of MACD in consolidation?
Bill 21:52:21.
There’s no good way.
Bill 21:53:12
General 0 axes above the first golden fork and
First dead fork below 0 axis
Accuracy and points are larger
Bill 21:53:37!
In the late stages of the trend, MACD will be frequent golden fork dead fork
Warren 21:54:23.
Warren 21:54:59
The image above is not enough callback.
Warren 21:56:22
If you are short, you will break your stop.
Bill 21:56:28
Oh, the consolidation of the EMA will be aggregated to a piece, MACD is actually two EMA, the EMA is affixed to a piece, Non-stop cross is a consolidation, you should see the line, until the breakthrough direction
Warren 21:57:09
We’re based on the crossover of MACD.
Warren 21:58:18
MACD-Bonding is good for us.
Warren 21:58:35
This is also my recent distress
Warren 21:58:51
MACD can find the beginning of a trend
Warren 21:59:080
You can see my space
Warren 21:59:26
There are several pictures in the album.
Warren 21:59:41
is the application of MACD in flip.
Bill 21:59:48
Oh, bonding I generally is waiting for a breakthrough
Warren 22:00:11
Because bonding will produce crossover.
Warren 22:00:27
Cross is one of the basis of our entering warehouse.
Bill 22:01:46
When the consolidation trend has not come out, the crossover can not be used as the entry basis
Bill 22:02:20
Until the breakthrough, the consolidation will continue to intersect.
Warren 22:03:06
Warren 22:03:33
This is a dead fork under the 0 axis.
Warren 22:04:06.
We are not going to be under the 0 axis of the dead fork into the empty list.
Warren 22:04:55
You use MACD as a way of judging trends.
What do you do to get into the warehouse?
Bill 22:06:24
Oh, look at the large cycle of MACD to judge trends, entry point to see the small cycle of indicators, small cycle with MACD approach can also.
Warren 22:06:48
It’s okay.
Warren 22:07:12
How do you judge a trend when the MACD crosses the 0 axis?
Bill 22:07:51
I’ll give you a picture.
Bill 22:08:44
Bill 22:08:48
See no
Bill 22:09:12
The MACD interval on the right is above 0 axes.
Bill 22:09:41
H1 is above 0 axes, this time, 15M figure just do long
Bill 22:10:04
During this time, the 15M map will be more than the MACD Golden Fork
Warren 22:11:16
How do you get out of the warehouse?
Bill 22:12:37
15 Figure Red Line and then the left to see more words, this time the 1HMACD fork, but not to the zero axis above, belong to the long early, so 15M histogram will not be good to do
Bill 22:13:13
You don’t just use MACD.
Warren 22:13:54
Bill 22:14:37
MACD used to see the big cycle trend is good, small cycle approach can also use MACD, you can also use MACD dead fork, but it is better to play with a more sensitive indicators of the appearance
Warren 22:15:00
Warren 22:15:12
Otherwise the profit will vomit.
Bill 22:16:52
The key is to homeopathy, shun the big cycle trend of the most obvious after the middle of the potential, it is good to do, access indicators you can casually find, see the effect of good
Warren 22:17:18
What do you think of the trend of early and middle night?
Bill 22:18:24
There are many ways ah, such as the MACD 1H trend, 1HMACD Golden Fork is the long start, but not to the zero axis above, is still just in the early trend, 0 axis above is the real bulls come,
Bill 22:19:37
You can use an EMA.
Bill 22:20:39
For example, you use the 1H 55 EMA to see trends, more than 55 is a long, the following is a short
Bill 22:21:28
The 1H rise above the 55 ema is just the Bulls ‘ early days.
Bill 22:21:39
There are many ways to do it.
Bill 22:22:24
The trend of early and late is your own definition, each person’s definition can be different
Warren 22:23:13
I have not defined this.
Warren 22:23:29
Good communication with you.
Warren 22:23:35
Bill 22:23:36
is to see your entry and exit to define
Bill 22:24:44
Make sure you get in the game, you can do it, the trend is too early.
Bill 22:24:49
Warren 22:25:23
It’s easy to get out of the warehouse.
Bill 22:25:33
Oh, yes
Warren 22:25:46
It’s too early to go to the market
Warren 22:26:01
Out of the late, profit and vomit.
Bill 22:26:50
The first is to choose the range of the market, to be safe, and how much to earn in and out of the field that is the back of the matter
Bill 22:27:29
Some people use two MACD index, one to judge the big trend, one to enter the appearance, to make the 100% winning of EA
Bill 22:27:41
Sbdx11, you’ve heard it.
Warren 22:27:52
Warren 22:28:03
Do you have a target?
Bill 22:28:10
Oh, no
Warren 22:28:17
What is the principle?
Bill 22:28:30
That’s what I said.
Bill 22:28:47
The MACD of a small cycle is followed by a large cycle of MACD
Warren 22:29:05
The 1-hour judgment trend.
Bill 22:29:18
I do 15M diagram, see 1H trend
Warren 22:29:21
15 minutes to the warehouse.
Bill 22:29:38
If you do 5M, look at the 30H trend.
Warren 22:29:49
This is a good way
Bill 22:30:08
The key is thinking, understanding trends
Warren 22:30:10
Earning points is a problem
Bill 22:30:21
That’s a minor problem.
Bill 22:30:36
The first is the trend.
Warren 22:30:49
If you encounter the third wave can also.
But the fifth wave could not reach the target.
Bill 22:31:43
Yes, the third wave you caught, you will make a lot of, the biggest wave has been you caught, the five waves or small earn, or small loss, what is the relationship between
Warren 22:32:18,
But sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between the first few waves.
Bill 22:32:32
I can’t tell you that.
Bill 22:32:430
Just call him.
Warren 22:32:462
When I use MACD to make a single feeling
Bill 22:33:10
Warren 22:33:12
Get in the warehouse.
Warren 22:33:25
You don’t want to make a point.
Bill 22:33:59
Bill 22:34:11
Always take it one step at a
Warren 22:34:12
I think the next step is to get the K-line.
Warren 22:34:38
Find the position by looking at the flip of the K-line.
Bill 22:34:58,
Warren 22:35:30
What kind of net do you usually have?
Bill 22:36:18
The forums in our country have been turned, and the foreign
Bill 22:36:45
Like FireWire, MACD, Third Edition, Excellence, all go round
Bill 22:36:49
Warren 22:37:0
MACD I haven’t been to
Warren 22:37:14
Is it a forum?
Bill 22:37:282
Oh, yes
Warren 22:37:46
Bill 22:37:50
Warren 22:38:15
Bill 22:38:16
But there are many things learned in English forums abroad
Bill 22:38:34
Domestic Forum General level is not enough!
Warren 22:38:54
Can you read it?
Bill 22:39:15
Yes, I’m fine with English.
Bill 22:39:27
Excellent www.fx288.com
Warren 22:39:51
Do you have a real bill now?
Bill 22:40:28
Barely counted for the real one, MK’s platform
Warren 22:41:03
I’m www.nsi86.cn.
See a trading system software
Warren 22:41:08
You can see.
Bill 22:41:10
After a period of time into a little more gold, I want to skilled after, nothing is afraid of
Warren 22:41:17
In foreign exchange equipment
Bill 22:41:38
What stuff?
Warren 22:41:46
Several systems:
Warren 22:42:00
Bill 22:42:06
Okay, I’ll check it out.
Warren 22:42:15
Bill 22:42:24
Warren 22:42:24
You’ll make some money.
Warren 22:42:34
I wish you success.
Bill 22:42:40
I’m sure I can make a lot of money.
Warren 22:42:41
Bill 22:42:51
And I wish you success.
Warren 22:42:56
Warren 22:43:09
Communicate with each other
Bill 22:43:10
Warren 22:43:28
You rest.Have a chance to talk

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