Algotradesoft Innovative Strategy EA Enhanced Edition

Algotradesoft Innovative Strategy ea Enhanced Edition.


FXCM  Account–innovative-portfolio/1402385

official account:

ATS Pro Test Note: The test platform’s stop-loss distance can not be too large, recommended the following recommended platform test.

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On the platform and VPS servers are more familiar to have a considerable profit on the platform of different platforms profit: Recommended platform FXCM, ICM, Vantage, Tickmill. The demand for VPS delay is less than 5ms. The official edition has three questions: one is the direct stop loss when the spread spreads. The second is low volatility, can not achieve the conditions of mobile stops.

Third, many people in the same platform after the use of the sliding point will increase. In response to these questions, PJ’s enhanced version solves the problem by adding new code to the list, but solves these problems by officially proposing to test EA with minimal risk before using the real account; Server hosting server using VPS or with minimal network latency to proxy;

In order to achieve the best effect, please use the lever is more than 1:100; When using EA with FIFO support broker, do not run more than one account with an EA above; When choosing a broker to trade, low profits = Lower Commission + High quality execution is important. Contact qq:2651467921 May 24 Distinction ATS Pro Official Original

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