March 26, 2018 trade war

 Trade war began

Usdcny plunged, below a period of time has been adhered to the platform, a great possibility of innovation low. Since the vast majority of the platform account is a dollar account, the amount of money is equivalent to a long dollar without leverage, the account is profitable by the United States dollar to other currencies, in order to maintain the stability of the account against the CNY. 

so the need for hedging operations, assuming the gold 10000USD, then the corresponding short 10000USD, one hand is corresponding to 10,0000 USD, so it is necessary to short 0.1 usdcny.


Looking at the implications of hedging, we need to hold US dollars because the dollar can bring us money against other currencies, but ultimately we need to change back to CNY. So we don’t want to hold a dollar that poses a risk to us.It’s as if we need fire to turn food from raw to mature, which brings us benefits.

on the other hand, fire can cause fire, it will cause loss, that is, risk, so we need to prepare fire extinguishers, fire extinguisher is a hedge.

The same is true for a swimming buoy, which is designed to guard against uncertain risks. Monday to USD, JPY fell to the main theme, EUR, GBP slightly higher, volatile. Tuesday EURUSD, GBPUSD High concussion, currently go fourth paragraph.

This afternoon’s unilateral fall and V-shaped reversal can be an example of good research, which can be perceived in advance, from the very beginning of the big strength down.


Wednesday today’s task is to identify EURUSD, GBPUSD yesterday’s half of the rebound is turned upside down.Just bounce: H4 is turning.

flipping: H4 is relaying.Then it is whether the rebound is a departure.  If the departure has become the H4 long line entry point, if the reversal is the H4 trend of the late end, that is, not a long line admission point.

The strength of the currency: GBPUSD>EURUSD, AUDUSD recently a little alternative. Today’s another feature is USDJPY, USDCHF has a good market.

Gold is also a unilateral decline, one months such an opportunity to capture 2 times is enough, do not know is the recent market volatility is relatively large, or indeed is the transaction progress, feeling easier and more easy.

The judgment of the market is a need to judge at any time strong or weak, as well as rhythm, fluctuation of time and amplitude, is the rapid rise or slow down or slow down, or the flow of fluctuations, is accelerated or deceleration.Whether there is resistance and support ahead.

An example of an EA

The usual method is to use the EMA to do the trend line, and then back to the moving average to buy ah, through the EMA to buy AH and so on the signal here to provide a train of thought for entertainment and entertainment on the assumption of the 20th EMA.

we will find that, in the EMA, on the side of the line The number of times that the price breaks the Yang line is higher than the number of times it breaks the yin line.

Popular point, that is, if the price on the 20th EMA, when a Yang line, the price break through the highest point of the Yang line is more than the price in the 20th EMA on the line after the formation of a breakthrough yin line of the lowest number of times!The relative consolidation phase is also applicable!

If we ignore the price on the EMA on the line to break through the Yin line at the lowest point of the signal, only to break through the highest points of the Yang line signal, then is a good trading system!

Only provide ideas, truth or breakthrough, do not limit the breakthrough to support and resistance position, with a microscope to see every k!

Of course!Any cycle of the EMA and any period of time window is applicable!Not on the map!

When you open a position is your last stop or profit, in fact, stop the surplus has been through the Kaiping warehouse solution. You just don’t know it, think is not this truth.

EA or out of the way


You can combine multiple currencies to compare the intentions of the general direction.

On Good Friday, although the market was volatile, the spread was too high, so it was not easy to carry out consolidation operations.

The smoothness of large levels can be well manipulated, depending on whether the phenomenon can be observed in advance, and whether the influence of the weekend on the market will change its original direction.

The three levels of operation, the smallest level still has about 100 points of profit, multi-level nesting can increase stability.

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